Friday 5 – Cold Weather Tips

This post was supposed to be done on Friday, But life got busy, so its being posted late.

TGIF – This Friday 5 couldn’t have come at a better time, because I have been dealing with Cold Weather Running for about a week now. When I say Cold Weather running I don’t mean long sleeves and capris 10C or in the 40s for you southern folks. I MEAN COLD WEATHER RUNNING. I mean WINDCHILLS, SNOW and ICE. I mean sub zero temperatures in the DAYTIME!!!! If you want real, practical, real life tested tips I am your lady!

I am linking up again with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney For their Friday 5 link up.


1. Layer – When you start off on a cold weather run, things can feel pretty bad. Layering can really help you get through those first few miles. Once you get moving and your body is warmed up, its great to undo or take a layer off. If the wind picks up, which it often does, simply put the layer back on. Often I am taking off and putting on layers during a long run.

2.Get great accessories – Accessories really can be a runner’s best friend. Warm hats, mittens and neck warmers are super important. As are safety accessories such as a bright vest or arm and leg bands. For warmth and simplicity I have chosen to purchase a reflective long sleeve shirt, they can be found at home improvement stores. This shirt provides me with an extra layer and no one could possible miss me day or night.


3. Realize that your pace will change, run smart – Running while wearing multiple layers in the snow or on slippery surfaces will drastically change your pace and likely your form as well. I feel that running in the snow is similar to running on the beach. Take it easy, you don’t know what might be under that fresh layer of snow. Wear appropriate footwear, I use Yak Trax to help prevent slips and falls.

4. Try to run in the daytime – Although daylight hours are disappearing, it really helps to run while the sun is out. You can not only see  and be seen that much better, but daytime is a heck of a lot warmer. Do remember SUNGLASSES, the glare off the snow can damage your vision.


5. Protect your skin – Winter air is dry, and the bright sun, see #4, can still give you one heck of a sunburn. Remember to use sunscreen and apply a think layer of lotion to exposed skin to help fight against dry, cracked skin.

Bonus – Don’t be afraid to move indoors. You are not a less tough runner by moving into the gym and onto the treadmill.

Last winter I trained for the WDW half marathon, I have to say it was a TERRIBLE IDEA!!!


In my opinion winter running is a time to keep fit and hopefully a decent base for summer training with short and sweet runs. I prefer indoor workouts like P90 X3 or yoga. Lately I am loving swimming on weekends and X3 during the week.

What are your winter running tips??

Do you run outside? Do you use the treadmill? Do you even have winter??

Proud to be me catch up.

Day 15 – I am a great friend because I know when to have fun and I know when to get serious. I always  “have your back”. Plus I am a great baker 😉


Day 16  – My smile is perfect because it brings happiness to my students. I see the look on their faces when I great them with a happy smile. The know they can count on me.

Day 17 – I am thankful for my friends. We have a lot of fun together, we are outgoing and brave. They push me to be more adventurous and being with them helps me de-stress. I can be myself completely with them.




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