Tuesday’s Dish The Fit Link Up

Good morning, its Tuesday and once again time to #DishtheFit!!  The amazing Jessica Joy from The Fit Switch and Jill Conyers are collaborating to bring us this fun weekly link up. This Week’s Hot Topic is ….



Does your Mind Wander During Exercise??

The answer to this question is split.

Quick and easy workouts I manage to stay focused. I am very capable of staying focused on my P90 X3 workouts because they are quick changing. Each move changes frequently during the duration of the minute. For example this morning I did Triometrics, its was a series of lower body moves that changed 3 times during the course of 1 minute. It went from easy to harder to ploy. If I wasn’t paying attention I would be sure to miss the switch.


The same goes for yoga, which flows from one move to another. Also, a big part of yoga is staying present in the moment.



Long endurance type workouts are very different. I hope to have my mind wander during long runs, otherwise I would stay focussed on how long I have been running or how much further I still have to go before I can finish. While I TOTALLY enjoy long runs, I do not want to think about every single one of the thousands of steps that I am taking. I would much rather contemplate  life as a whole. i think about my kids, I think about work, I think about winning the lottery 😉

IMG_1699 IMG_2247

While sometimes I benefit from being in the moment and enjoy the feel of my feet on the pavement and the freshness of the air around me, i most often prefer to allow myself to day dream. My runs/swims/or bike rides are some of the few times in my day or week that I can total just let go. I let go of the stressful thoughts and worries and just relax and allow my mind to wander.

Does your mind wander during exercise? What do you think about? Do you also dream of winning millions? I think about the kick ass home gym I would build so I wouldn’t have to run in the snow lol.

#proudtobeme – Day 10

One strength I have is my ability to Go the Extra Mile. I rarely settle for average, I believe in always going the extra mile. I don’t just drop the kids off at their sports, I stay and watch. I don’t just buy cookies, I bake cookies from scratch. Same goes for my workouts, I don;t settle for average, average would be a walk or a short run. I push myself to be my best and go as far as a I can.


Day 11-

1 unique quality about myself is that I have learned to say NO. So many Moms feel that they MUST be perfect, they MUST sit on every committee, they MUST volunteer to bake cupcakes each and every time. I have learned to say NO, I am sorry but I simply cannot take on anymore right now. I have learned to put myself and my family first. I do not need to impress others, I NEED to ensure myself and my Family are healthy and happy. In order to ensure we are both healthy and happy I say NO.  That is truly a UNIQUE quality.

Before I close I just want to take the time to show my respect and Thank our VETERANS and those currently serving in the military. November 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada. “Lest We Forget”



9 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Dish The Fit Link Up

  1. Inspiring post. I love your attitude about going the extra mile. I truly respect that, and it fuels me to do the same! PS, totes love that you think about winning the lottery….good one! Thanks so much for linking up. Lovely! Take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right!!! Its tough doing yoga in a CERAZY house, I feel like I am missing out. I try to save it for when its quiet and i can focus! Thanks for the comment 🙂


  2. I am totally focused when I do the shorter workouts like T25 and PiYo, but with running my mind definitely wanders and I think about lots of things to sometimes nothing. I love that you think about winning the lottery! 🙂


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