25 Things

Rebecca recently came home with the task to list 25 things (dreams, aspirations, wants, or desires) that she wanted to obtain or fulfill in her lifetime as part of her grade 10 careers class.



I was teasing her because 20 out of the 25 were horse focused. For example: own 200 acres, have her own  horse, buy a truck and trailer, own an English saddle, own a stable and barn …. you get the idea.  I convinced her to add a few non equine ideas like friends, healthy, family.  She then suggested that I write my own 25 things to point out that most would be fitness related. Basically she said – “your ideas will all be about running” insert snarky teenage voice.   So I did write out 25 dreams, aspirations and wants, and not ALL 25 things are fitness based. Here is my list:

25 Things … in no particular order, just random wishes.

  1. Run a marathon
  2. Complete a 70.3 Half Iron Man
  3. Maintain my Health
  4. Be Mortgage Free
  5. Be active into my 80s
  6. Learn to Play Golf
  7. Travel to ALL the Continents
  8. Have Grand Children
  9. Live Somewhere else
  10. Own a SEXY Road bike and indoor trainer
  11. Retire
  12. Have Financial Security
  13. Own a Treadmill
  14. Have a Home Gym
  15. Run NYC Marathon
  16. Be Happy
  17. Become a Certified Fitness Trainer
  18. Complete a Yoga Challenge
  19. Have a Successful Blog
  20. Be a Fitfluential Ambassador (aiming for the 1000 instagram followers)
  21. Spend my Winters Somewhere HOT
  22. Live in a foreign country for a month.
  23. Learn to Sail
  24. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
  25. See my children achieve all their DREAMS


Most of these desires are truly obtainable, but most require serious dedication and a massive increase in CASH 😉 Maybe I should add lottery winner in there somewhere. Hopefully, if I keep working and someday when my children are grown and my paycheque actually be mine, I will have the opportunity to make these dreams happen. I still have a lot of life to live 🙂

Workout Recap November 2 – 8 2014

Sunday  – Does dancing at midnight count?? We danced for about 4 hours straight 🙂

Monday – Isomterix

Tuesday – Accelerator

Wednesday – Dynamix

Thursday – Pilates and a walk

Friday – rest (traveled 6 hours to have R & E braces tightened)

Saturday – 1600 m swim ladder interval workout


This interval workout got my heart rate up. Hiit workouts push your body and burn more calories than typical constant exertion workouts. I did not swim based on time intervals, but used my perceived rate of exertion to guide me.


Two  POSITIVE words that describe how I treat people are motivating and respectful.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a cheerleader, I love encouraging people to be their best self. I am also very respectful and tolerant of others. We all need to live our own life and I am no judge. I am far from perfect and cannot say that my lifestyle is any better than anyone else’s lifestyle.

What two words describe how you treat others??


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