Dog Love

Six years ago a fluffy baby girl was born. Her name – Rayne Rivers Water Lily. 6 weeks later that bundle of yellow fur joined our family.


Upon Rebecca’s request I am going to write a short post dedicated to my Best running Friend (BRF) Lily the yellow lab!!

2572_68454593593_4040622_n 2572_68454693593_131162_n

Lily has become way more than a pet, we love her so much more than we could ever have imagined.


That cute little fur ball has grown into a fun loving best friend for each and every one of us. She is my running companion putting on nearly as many miles as I do each year.


And although I don’t love finding muddy paw prints all over my bed and I constantly curse her yellow fluff all over our house. I love her as much as the rest of my darling daughters.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILY BELLE!! We love you to pieces.


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