This Wedensday was nothing like our typical week night. We usually come home from school rush off to a kids sport, eat dinner at random times, do some chores and homework before crashing into bed. But this Wednesday I was lucky enough to receive my first INFLUENSTER VOX BOX in the mail

After swimming Olivia was just too excited to wait to open it! As soon as we were done dinner she opened it up and found our Monopoly Junior Game.


Olivia and her new game
Olivia and her new game


I tried to convince her to wait until the weekend but she wouldn’t have it so we opened up the game and began to play.


We have played Monopoly and Monopoly Junior many times before, but this version was by far the most fun and the easiest. No property cards to worry about and all the money was in $1 denominations. The chance cards and the property names were both fun and easy for my emergent reader. I personally LOVED getting FREE Properties from the Chance cards!!


Show me the MONEY!!!
Show me the MONEY!!!

Olivia really loved the new characters, each one is made from sturdy plastic and is easy for small hands to manoeuvre. Each one comes with a cute little card that describes the character. Miss O chose the CAT and I played with RACE CAR!!

IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3113 IMG_3114

The entire game took us just under an hour,  including plenty of photo breaks 😉


Overall, We loved this game, even my teens found it to be adorable. My only complaint – only 4 players. Not so fun with a family of 5!!

I would highly recommend this game to any family of 3 or 4 with kids ranging from 4-10. It would be a terrific Christmas gift!!

Disclaimer  – I received monopoly Junior for FREE from Hasbro and Influenster Canada in exchange for a review on my blog and social media. That, however, does not change my views of this product. All ideas and comments are my own!


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