Tuesday Dish the Fit Link Up

Happy Tuesday!!

Its once again time for the #dishthefit link up. The wonderful gals at The Fit Switch and Jill Conyers host a weekly link up that has us healthy living bloggers dishing about HOT Fitness Topics!!


This week’s Hot Topic is:



What is the difference between an average workout and an awesome workout???

This topic is a relatively simple once for me to DISH about!!

First let me describe an average workout. An average workout is when things go as planned. It usually goes like this. I search my bedroom for clean workout clothes in my massive bin of workout clothes. I usually have to dig all the way to the bottom and toss half of it on the floor. Then I search for my house for my phone, earbuds and flip belt. Of course it takes me about 10 – 15 minutes but I eventually find it. Finally, once my Nike Run app is going and my music is actually playing properly I head out for my run.

Once on my run, the weather is pretty decent, and my run doesn’t hurt. I hit a reasonable pace of about 10 minute miles. The dog stops a few times and pulls only moderately on my arm. Luckily she only stops once to do her “business”.


Finally after 33 minutes I am home from my 5k run feeling content. I have a quick shower and get on with my day.

In comparison, an AWESOME workout looks a little like this.

My workout clothes are clean and fresh and already laid out. My ear buds, phone and flip belt are EXACTLY where I left them last time, as is the dog’s leash with a poop bag already tied to it.


Once dressed, fuelled, and outside I manage to get my apps and music running smoothly. Of course all my favourite songs play with no incidents of kids songs sneaking into my playlist.

The sun is shining and there is a light breeze, but not windy. Its one of those days where you can feel the sunshine warming your soul. When I make it down to the lake the water is sparkling!


My paces are easy and in the 9:00 minute miles. The dog doesn’t need to stop more than once and she happily runs along side me. There is no traffic or people in the way along the side walk. EVERYTHING feels EASY and LIGHT.


In just over 30 minutes I am home from a fast 5k and feel like a ROCK  STAR!!!


I love it when I have a workout that just clicks, I know they are few and far between and believe that you have to enjoy them and remember that those average or GASP horrible make the awesome workouts feel even better.


Daily #proudtobeme prompt: Day 3

I do ______ well.

I am a good cook and baker. I rarely make prepackaged or process foods and honestly think my cooking is better than a lot of the food that i eat in restaurants.

What do you do well??

Daily prompt Day 4

I am (insert postive adjective) because …

I am a good mom because I am always helping my daughters build their “tool box” for life. I am their advocate helping them get their needs met!


Taking them to disney doesn’t hurt either!!

What is the difference between a average and an awesome workout for you??


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Dish the Fit Link Up

  1. Great post! I loved your two scenarios. I can see how prep work makes a big difference. and it’s true, it gets things off on the right foot, instead of a harried one. The latter sounds familiar to me. Luckily, once I get started, stress tends to melt away. you are an amazing person and mom! And I love that beautiful picture of you. Thanks so much for linking up!


  2. Love the two scenarios! For me an awesome workout has a sense of accomplishment rather than just getting it done. It’s like you say, it just clicks and everything is right. 🙂


  3. For me it’s hard to put my finger on what makes a workout awesome. Sometimes I think I’m going to have a great run, and it’s horrible. Other times, I’m pleasantly surprised – my body feels powerful and comfortable, like I could run forever. Love those days.


    1. That may be the best part. An awesome workout often isn’t designed to be awesome, it just works out that way! i think when you go out expecting awesomeness you often end up disappointed.

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  4. Just last night I had to ditch my garmin and just get out for my run, it was stuck on the loading screen and going no where fast. I still had a good run but It is so much easier to get in the zone and have an awesome workout when getting out the door goes smoothly.


    1. I totally agree, starting out having to fuss with electronics makes me miserable. Especially since its getting cold, miserable gadgets make for cold hands. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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