Friday 5 – Halloween

Its Halloween night and I am sitting on my couch watching Hotel Transylvania. The big girls are out with their friends. Olivia and Daddy spent about an hour trick or treating while I stayed home and manned the door, we got a whole 6 kids!!! Good thing I don’t buy much candy to hand out or I would be stuck with it.

The Friday 5 ladies – Mar, Cynthia , and Courtney  have chosen Halloween as the topic our their weekly link up.


As a healthy, fit  Mama Halloween isn’t really at the TOP of my favourite holidays. But I wanted to be an optimist and focus on the positive.

5 Reasons Why Halloween isn’t that bad…

1. Exercise – While you are out there schlepping behind your child carrying the “big” bag of candy you are actually logging in a few miles. Sure they are slow, but every step counts! Not to mention the arm workout from carry all that candy.

2. Extra chance to wear your workout clothes  – So many costumes can be created using the running clothes from your closet, cat woman for example is made from your black leggings and black tank all you need to add are the ears and red lipstick. Or this cute ensemble to create a runaway bride (I would add a faux race bib)!



Credit: Bishop and Rock

3. Bite sized treats – Let’s face it most of us want to indulge once in a while. Bite sized Halloween treats are a great way to satisfy that craving without doing too much damage to your diet. Most are under 100 calories each.

4. Adult parties – Getting to gather with your friends is part of being healthy living. Studies have shown that social interaction, in real life, is an important way to lower stress. Laughter is good for the soul and not much conjures up laughs like seeing your friends in hilarious costumes. Further, having a “sexy” costume to put on also motivates you to get those workouts in and eating clean on the weeks leading up to the party. Does this explain all the green smoothies I have eaten over the past few weeks???


5. Your kids – This is probably the most important! Dressing up and trick or treating is a rite of passage that all kids must enjoy. The smiles on the faces of my daughters makes it all worth while. Sure i’ll get rid of most of their candy, but for tonight and the next few nights I will let them indulge. 🙂

My little red #witch. #Halloween

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My cowgirl heading out to trick or treat!! #halloween

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I hope you have your own 5 reasons to love Halloween!


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