Triathlon Training Bible Chapter recount

This spring when I decided that I would attempt my first Triathlon I did what I always do RESEARCH it. First I started extreme triathlon pinning on Pinterest. Then I ordered 2 books from  I read and followed “Your First Triathlon” by Joe Friel all summer long. It was the perfect book to take me through my training and first race.


Now that I have that first race under my belt I wanted to learn MORE!! I want to know what I need to do all year round not just the 12 – 16 weeks before the race. I want to be GREAT next summer. So I am reading my second book – “THE TRIATHLON TRAINING BIBLE” by Joe Friel.


Nothing goes better with reading than tea and pie.

Joe Friel is a triathlete and triathlon coach with over 30 years experience. He has trained athletes ranging from novice “weekend warriors” to elite Iron Man champions. Further, he has a degree in exercise science and helped found USA Triathlon National Coaching Commission. THIS GUY KNOWS HIS STUFF!!

While the “Your First Triathlon” is geared toward the true beginner “The Triathlon Training Bible” is a lot more intense! The details are very sport specific. He provides not only tips and ideas but scientific data to help you train smarter. It is a slow read with so much to take in and consider.

Here are a few of the most important things I have taken from Chapters 1 and 2.

NOTE: I am paraphrasing Mr. Joe Friel, these ideas belong to him.

  • To be successful in training you must understand common training principles and your own personal needs.
  • You need to define your “training philosophy”, he gives you ways to determine your personal style.
  • Consistent training is the way to attain the highest possible fitness level.
  • Recognize your limits and try to stay within them to avoid injury or breakdown. End a workout feeling like you have a little more gas in the tank.
  • Hardest workouts should be rare
  • Your body needs rest and sleep; without adequate rest you will LOSE fitness regardless of how hard you train.
  • Attitude is very important, if you think you can’t you are right!
  • Second guessing and changing your training will lead to failure.
  • Talk is cheap! Commitment leads to results and not just for the weeks leading up to the race but 365 days a year.
  • You will see improvement in your sport for 10 years, no matter your age when you start!! I LOVED THIS!!!


Joe believes in 4 key points that will determine your success:

  1. Desire to Succeed
  2. Discipline
  3. Belief in Self
  4. Patience and Perseverance

He believes that if any of these key points are missing the athlete will not achieve their goals. He has specific questions for you to answer to determine whether you posses these qualities. I unfortunately am lacking in the BELIEF IN SELF area. This is something that I can focus on to help myself become more successful.

I truly feel that following the advice in this book will give me a leg up next summer. I am hi-lighting important parts and creating post its with truly inspirational quotes.


Meal Plan October 26 – November 1st 2014

Sunday – Slow cooker Roast beef, potatoes, and carrots. Apple Crisp for Dessert

(its my Dad’s birthday, so I cooked traditional meat and potato meal for him, because I love him so )

Monday – BBQ moose tenderloin, rice, broccoli, salad

Tuesday – Breakfast for dinner and pumpkin carving!

Wednesday – Spaghetti sauce in slow cooker with spaghetti squash.

Thursday – Left overs

Friday– Halloween – Make your own whole wheat pita pizza and CANDY!!

Saturday – Adult Halloween party so snacks and copious amounts of alcohol (at least I am honest)

Breakfast – Oatmeal and eggs

Lunches – Green Smoothies

Snacks – fruit and yogurt. Homemade peanut protein bars from the Lean Green Bean

Do you read or study about your sport?

What’s on your meal plan?


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