Friday 5 – A link up


I am so glad Friday is finally here, and to make it even better us educators are having a professional development day. What does that mean to me? No students and we can really dress down, so its jeans and my Fit so I can be Mom Top  for work today! Woot Woot!!

I have chosen to participate in another link up as I think its really a great way for a new blogger like myself to grow and allows me to write about a chosen topic. Less creative thinking required for the time being 🙂


This time I am linking up with Mar from Mar on the Run, Cynthia from You signed up for What? and Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC. These fellow Sweat Pink ambassadors host a Friday link up called Friday 5. This week’s topic is:

5 Reasons you Run/Race.

1. I run because it makes me feel good. It’s really that simple when I run I feel confident, fit and overall very happy. After my run I often feel like a rock star!


2. I also run because it challenges me. Walking is great and I did it for years, but running allows be to keep pushing forward always trying to get faster, run further.


3. I use racing as goal setting. I am very goal oriented and love it when I have an end task set out in front of me. When I sign up for a race I follow a training plan and keep focussed on that race as a goal.


4. Racing is a terrific excuse for a holiday. My small town hosts 2 races a year. The Red Lake Triathlon and the Red Lake Road Run. If I want to train and race more than that, and I do, I need to travel. I use races as an excuse to travel far and wide! I have raced in Winnipeg, Las Vegas and Disney World and Cast Away Cay. All of my bucket list races will also be race vacations.


5. I run because I am far too clumsy for Zumba. I truly believe that you have to LOVE the exercise that you do, otherwise you won’t continue with it. I am no way coordinated enough to participate in aerobic dance style classes.

zumba 3

Why do you run/race?


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