How to Tame Your Candy Cravings – Dish the Fit Link up

Yup Its Tuesday and its time once again for the #dishthefit link up sponsored by Jessica Joy from The Fit Switch. Each week Jess thinks up a Hot Topic for us fitness bloggers to dish about. This week she picked a doozy of a topic – How to Tame your Candy Craving!!!

candy craving crushers

I actually found this topic to be rather tricky to discuss. I don’t really put much thought into avoiding candy. At one point in my life I had an ENORMOUS Sweet Tooth and loved and craved candy. But for the past few years that has hardly been the case. Girl Guide Cookies are another story all together. As for processed candy, not so much. Still I do have some thought on how to get YOU to AVOID Candy.


First, don’t buy it. If its not in the house you can’t eat it as simple as that. Wait you say I have to buy candy its halloween. In that case WAIT to buy the candy until the very last minute, even if it means you are stopping at the store on the way home from work Halloween night.

candy 2

Second, follow the advice of SUPER TRI-ATHLETE Brendan Frasier of Vega Products. Fill yourself up with good wholesome foods and your desire for JUNK will lessen. Also try to avoid getting hungry. I know that after work my sweet tooth is on fire and I crave chocolate and baking BIG TIME. To avoid binging on candy remember rule 1 and if thats not enough search for good nutrient rich foods to help curb your cravings.

roasted pumpkin seeds are a healthy alternative.
roasted pumpkin seeds are a healthy alternative.

Third, if 1 and 2 don’t work try to create an at home “clean” version of your favourite treats. I for example have a soft spot for Reece Peanut Butter Cups. Rather than buy and eat the junky ones from the store I could create this “clean” replica that I found off Pinterest from the blog Pinterest is loaded with pins that link to recipes that can replace junk with better alternatives. 

pbclean cups

Fourth, If you still need a candy fix, don’t beat yourself up. Give in and have ONE tiny bite sized treat from your kids stash and move on. Beating yourself up will only create negative feelings inside yourself which IMHO is toxic to your self worth. I like to hide the kids candy from my view so I am not constantly reminded of the goodies they have and only allow myself to have a treat periodically. Some moms go as far as giving away most of their kids treats. My kiddos are like me and only have a few pieces of candy right after Halloween, the rest gets tossed just before the Christmas treats make their way into our home.

And remember a little candy never hurt anyone, just try to keep it in moderation. Remind yourself of your personal goals and think about how your decision will affect them. One treat no big deal, a whole bag of treats will likely derail you.

candy 1

—————————————————————————————————-How do you handle Halloween? Is candy an issue?


12 thoughts on “How to Tame Your Candy Cravings – Dish the Fit Link up

    1. I agree, we barely get any kids at all Halloween night, and I hate having all the leftovers in the house. Maybe this year I will give out pencils or something.


  1. Great list and plan of attack. Filling up on wholesome food, is great advice, and I always forget about healthy alternatives. Really, I am sure there is a healthy recipe for almost everything! PS, I loved your comment on Kate’s blog, about not messing up the palate. So clever! Thanks for linking up. You are an inspiration, and I look forward to reading your posts. : ) @theFitSwitch


    1. Thanks for the love, but I can’t take the credit for the clean palate, that was Mary Beth from tutus and Tennies. She is pretty smart 🙂 I love this link up idea, perfect for a newbie blogger!


  2. I love that candy tree! Wait…not the point right? Sounds like you and your family are under control over there! Nice work! Are those marshmallows in that jar? I love marshmallows almost as much as mint….minty marshmallow candies are the best! I’ll check Pinterest for a healthier version! Thanks!


    1. I think that its marshmallows. I “borrowed” that image from Pinterest there is no way I am awesome bough to create such an edible masterpiece lol. Thanks for your comment!


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