What to do on a REST day.

This week’s workout plan had me scheduled to run 6 miles today. However, yesterday morning I woke up with a tight left calf, by the end of yesterday it was in full pain. I had hoped heat and rest would solve my problems but unfortunately not. My calf is so sore that even a light touch or walking is causing me pain. So my run day has turned into an unplanned rest day :(.

Unplanned rest days often create a great deal of distress in runners and I am no exception. I realized I needed to keep my self busy and yelling at my girls to pick up their socks while drowning my sorrows with Girl Guide cookies wasn’t getting me very far.

IMG_2647 IMG_2655

Here is a list of Appropriate activities to keep you busy on your rest day, planned or unplanned:

1. Read – us mother runners often have a hard time finding the time to sit down, put our feet up and read. Your rest day is the perfect chance to do just that. I am currently reading the last book in the Divergent Series – Allegiant by Veronica Roth


Warning – Reading Runner’s World will only make you miss running more.

2. NetFlix – If reading isn’t your thing a movie/TV series Netflix marathon is the next best thing. I am currently sitting, writing this post while finishing of the last season of Gossip Girl.


3. Clean – Oh I know, just the idea sucks, but let’s be honest ladies we all have some dust bunnies or yellow lab fluff floating around that needs to be attended too.


4. Craft – While our workouts are the main hobbies of most of us fitness enthusiasts a little side project doesn’t hurt. I know that Doctor Mom a Toronto based runner also likes to cross stitch. I like to knit and fall is the season of mittens and scarves.


5. Stretch – If your body will allow it nothing will serve you better than a good stretch. While yoga is the typical method of stretching I also really enjoying P90X3 dynamics. It changes the poses from static to moving stretches. It does the body good. Foam rolling and massage are also a nice treat.


If these ideas don’t work there is always chocolate and alcohol (provide no meds are taken) to dull the pain until you can run again. 😉

How do you survive rest days planned or unplanned?

Workout Recap October 12-18.

Sunday – X3 Total Synergistics

Monday – 4.12 mile run

Tuesday – X3 Yoga

Wednesday – 3.2 Mile Run – Speedy

Thursday – X3 CVX – Cardio with weights

Friday – X3 The Warrior and 2.5 mile walk

Saturday – Rest

Total mileage –  approx. 10 miles

Steps – 78,702, met steps goal 5 out of 7 days



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