My Top Fitness Tools – a Link up

Its Tuesday and that means that its time again for the Fit Pepper and Fit Switch Link Up.

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These two awesome and creative women design a Hot Topic for fellow bloggers to dish about every Tuesday. This week’s hot topic is:

What are your Top Fitness Tools? Here are mine.

1. The internet – where else can a busy mom who lives in the middle of NOWHERE learn out about the newest super foods, find delicious smoothie recipes or discover the newest workouts. The internet allowed me to create this blog and find other amazing bloggers to follow and learn from.

2. My iPhone – Apple and app creators have turned fitness upside down with their creative apps and programs that allow you to track your food, workouts, and download portable workouts. I use the Nike Run app to keep track of my distance and pace on my runs. Fitness pal helps me count my daily calorie intake and the youtube connects me to some of the great yoga videos.

3. My Garmin Vivofit – I love stats and my Vivofit keeps track of my steps, goal, calories burned and miles. Best of all it doubles as a regular watch!

4. My DVD player – it may seem silly, but with the LONG COLD winters I need a way to workout at home. Beachbody has created fantastic workout DVDs that allow me to meet my fitness goals in my own living room.

5. IG – My IG friends are a true inspiration to me and motivate me to be my best self every day. Their posts are out of this world! They allow me to learn about new races and locations to dream about. I am always working towards being better than I was yesterday!!

IMG_0532_2 IMG_2522

What are your top fitness tools? Any cool apps I should know about?


13 thoughts on “My Top Fitness Tools – a Link up

  1. I agree about Instagram. It is my favorite social media outlet by far! I love Beachbody DVDs too. Which ones are your favorite? I used to love Turbofire, but have recently been doing a little Insanity & PiYo.

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  2. I love my EveryMove app- it lets me record ALL my activity from running to yoga to cleaning house and you can earn super cool rewards! Go check it out in your apple store 🙂

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    1. IG never makes me feel less than. I am inconstant AWE of the amazing people out there in the world. It helps me keep moving forward and to believe anything is possible!


  3. I agree and resonate with all of these! It’s so true! The internet has changed healthy living. I just started using my fitness pal, and can’t believe I hadn’t til now. DOH! And, I love that you’re inspired by IG. It’s my favorite social media platform. People are simply amazing, especially you! Thanks for linking up, Lovely!

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