The Truth ….

I’ve been thinking about this post a lot this week.

When I first started thinking about this blog, I was so worried that I wouldn’t be ENOUGH to be a good blogger, someone worth following. I thought that I would need to be someone exceptional to be worth following. I would need to be that woman who wakes up each and every day at 5 am, runs in the dark and in the rain. A woman who never misses a workout regardless of what is happening in her life at the moment. A woman who never gets sick or feels tired. A woman who only eats the purest of foods and concocts amazingly clean and delicious foods and her children will eat them.

Well I have to tell you that woman is NOT me.

The truth is that I am regular, ordinary really. I will miss workouts, I will be tired and miserable and eat a little too much chocolate. I also go out with friends and eat junky foods and drink, sometimes a little too much. The truth is that while I am dreaming big and aiming high, my journey will be long, slow and really bumpy.

IMG_0127 IMG_0591

The truth is my kids really hate my clean cooking especially when I try new recipe ideas. Don’t even ask about clean eating cookies in this house! The truth is my life isn’t EASY and I don’t want to pretend that it is. The truth is that we struggle daily with things like learning disabilities and mental illnesses like anxiety and each and everyday is a challenge. But we get through. I try not to let excuses get in my way. I try …. Somedays I am successful and I get my workout done, I eat clean and I get to bed on time. Other days …not so much.

So if you want a blog that is real and true, this is the blog for you. If you want to follow a perfect mama with 3 perfect girls who is living the perfect fitness life, you will have to look somewhere else. 🙂

Workout recap Oct. 5-11

Sunday  – X3 total synergistics, dog walk, 1000m swim

Monday – X3 Agility X

Tuesday – X3 Yoga

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – sick

Friday – Sick, short walk

Saturday  – 1600m (1 mile swim)

MET DAILY STEPS GOAL 5 out of 7 days weekly total 77,759 steps



9 thoughts on “The Truth ….

  1. Jennifer, you go girl…be real! I love it. I miss workouts, I skip running days. I stress out, I binge on the bag of chips that are in the pantry for the kids lunches. I cry, I take naps, but I do clean eat and make recipes LOL
    I try my best every day and it seems that you do also ….you know what? At least you are trying 🙂


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