Sometimes you just have to admit defeat ….

Last week I signed on with Amanda G a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador from sweet-life-fitness to do a 5 day sugar detox. It should have been easy, I didn’t even have to worry about weekends. Boy was I wrong.

Not only did I have a terrible night’s sleep Sunday night, but I also started X3 this week. Needless to say I was tired and extra hungry all day Monday.  When 3 o’clock came around my stomach was growling and the only food I had left was a Vega protein snack bar, peanut butter cup of course. I couldn’t wait another hour so I ate it. 1st fail. But I really felt it was in my best interest not to go Hangry and the end of a school day.


Then, Aunt Flow came to visit and it went down hill from there. I lost my wallet (found it in my swim bag), my house is a total disaster,  and we have multiple activities EVERY single night this week. I broke down and ate a few too many Bark Thins on Tuesday. Finally on Wednesday I admitted defeat and formally pulled out of the Detox. Its a good thing because today in school I am baking pumpkin pies with my students for our Thanksgiving lunch! Could you imagine, no pumpkin pie!!!


Too make matters worse I have come down with a cold that has me feeling pretty miserable. I think perhaps it was a little too early to head back into a program like X3 so shortly after finishing my heavy training schedule. All week long my body has been screaming at me.

I think I’ll take the rest of the week off and restart the program Sunday. I hope to fit in a walk and a swim this weekend and I will take it from there.

We all have slip ups, we all fall down. Although I have admitted defeat today I know that I am just retreating form this battle but not giving up on the War. Like the saying goes:


Have you done a sugar detox before? Does your monthly period send you into an eating frenzy? How time do you take off after a major race?


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