What’s Your Fitness Weakness?

Super heroes have a weakness, for Superman it was kriptonite. Likewise every fitness enthusiast also has a weakness.


I am thrilled to be part of a weekly link-up hosted by Jessica from The Fit Switch and Nicole from The Fit Pepper. Each week these two lovely ladies create a topic for bloggers to Dish about. This weeks topic is What is your Fitness Weakness.

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The answer to this question was very easy – yoga/stretching and core work.


I have no issues with getting up early to head out for a run, or following a a 16 week training plan. I love lifting weights and cross fit style workouts, I’ll even perform burpees without too much complaint.

However, when it comes to dedicating real time to yoga or core work I flounder. I have started and stopped with Yoga challenges, I am in the the middle of week 2 of Bad Yogi’s Yoga Challenge 2014. She is at the end of week 4 or maybe even week 5. Same thing for core work, I can barely make it through 2 or 3 days of a plank challenge.


I know that both yoga and core work will help me improve my athletic performance. I know that I will feel great after a yoga workout. I also know that I will quickly see results from the stretching.  But for some reason these types of workouts always fall by the wayside.

The second portion of the link up topic is what am I going to do THIS week to improve on my weakness.

This week I will make the time to complete 7 days of the Yoga Challenge. I will also work on my core strength through P90 X3. To take it a step further I will plank after every workout. I will use this blog and twitter to keep me accountable. So feel free to tweet me reminders, I could use the help 🙂

What’s your weakness? Exercise? Food? Chocolate is a weakness for many 🙂


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Fitness Weakness?

  1. One of my goals is to be able to easily bend over and touch my toes! I am the most stiff runner ever! I’ve been working hard to make it to yoga class minimum once per week shooting for twice. I need some flexibility!


  2. Jennifer, I’m so happy you joined us! Okay, I am in the same boat with stretching and yoga. I tell myself they’re more of an indulgence, than a needed part of fitness, so when I’m done with my workout, I opt out. But, I know, I KNOW it will be beneficial. I just feel guilty taking the time to do it. I think an evening routine would work for me. I’ll be checking up on you, and you can check up on me : ) Take care.


  3. Good old yoga. It took me so long to come around to it but now I kinda like it. I incorporate 1 yoga class a week into my workouts plus an extra class if I have time. Just doing one class a week helps with my flexibility so much – I can feel it on weeks when I miss that class!

    My only suggestion would be – why not take it slow? Commit to something you can achieve. That way you WILL achieve it which will give you the motivation to keep going.

    Good luck!


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