Sunday Planning Day

It Sunday which means two things:

1- its planning day

2- Nascar race




I usually combine the two, while I park my behind on the couch to watch the several hour long Nascar Race, I take that time to plan and organize the rest of the week.

Life as a working Mom can get busy, I don’t have time during the day to tackle chores or grocery shop. Add in evenings full of kids sports and it gets even more chaotic. To keep my life from spiralling out of control I write down our To Do’s in my planner and take some real time getting organized so the remainder of my week goes as smoothly as possible.




I use my planner to organize everything from the girls sports and activities to my workouts, and our meals for the week


  Thinking I need to start colour coding stuff. Wow!!


Most of our weeks are the same, R and O swim Mondays and Wednesays. E – Dances M,W,T and F.  Now that the ice is in at the arena R Skates Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Overwhelmed yet?? lol

Probably the most important aspect of organizing is definitely meal planning. I cannot decided what my family will eat on a daily basis we are too busy and in too many places to go on a whim. I like to do most of my shopping on Sundays, it not only saves time but money as I spend less by not shopping when I am starving afterwork.

This week’s meal plan:

Sunday – Dinner out with family

Monday – Sheppard’s Pie with ground beef, mixed vegetables and sweet potatoes (cooked Sunday night so we can warm and go.

Tuesday – Grilled steaks, corn on the cob, garden potatoes and carrots

Wednesday – Runner’s world minestrone soup in the slow cooker.

Thursday – Left over soup

Friday – pizza and salad

Saturday – Tacos

Sunday – Macaroni

The Hubs is out of town from Saturday morning to the following Wednesday for a moose hunting trip. I am choosing kid friendly, easy food. I will save the more adventurous meals for when he is home.



Runner’s World minestrone with spring vegetables.

Do you plan out your week? What’s on your menu? I love new meal suggestions!

I am excited to be linking up with Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly meal planning posts. Check them out!


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