Weekly Workout Recap – 1

Last Sunday my family and I participated in the Red Lake Road Run – a local road race that supports local high school sports. A very dedicated teacher and fitness leader organizes the run every year. Tim and Rebecca participated in the 5K and I took on the 21.1K (13.1 miles).


My Running Family

I have to admit it was a terrible day for a run, it was COLD, RAINING and WINDY! But even still we bundled up and ran. The course is long and very hilly, however I still performed much stronger than expected and finished in a respectable 2:17, a 2 minute PR over the last time I raced this course.

The Half took every ounce of energy I had inside me and I was absolutely exhausted for much of the week. I decided on Monday to “Let it Go” and take the entire week to relax and recover. I enjoyed a hot bath with epsom salts on Monday and allowed myself to sleep in each and every day! I also loosened the strings on my diet and enjoyed a few too many pieces of cake, a delicious Latte and a tart or two.


A gingerbread latte and tarts

I did get out one warm evening for a dog walk with Lily pup. I also took on the Lorna Jane Burpee challenge.






Rebecca and I doing our 4 burpees

This afternoon, when things warmed up I took Lily out for an easy run. I decided to change things up and hit one of our local snowmobile trails for a trail run. I ran about half a mile out on the trail when I decided to turn around. The trail itself was slippery and honestly I was a little afraid of running into a bear – ok a lot afraid. We finished our run on  the road. Maybe next time I will be braver.



Total mileage this week – about 20 miles

workouts – 3

Day where I met my steps goal – 4

Did you meet your goals?




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